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About Me

Hello, I'm Aria. I'm a teacher, healer, and intuitive spiritual guide. I'm here to help you heal yourself


The NRG Channel reflects my life purpose, a fluid system of energy field (NRG) cultivation interwoven within the templates of movement, meditation and breath. The result is a cleaner, more vibrant and healthier physical, emotional and wisdom body, and a personal toolbox of energy awareness practices and self-healing modalities.

Your body's natural state is one of healing, and given the proper energetic, physical and emotional-spiritual tools, your body will heal. Health and vibrant energy is not something outside of you.

Healing is wholistic. Much like birth, you must release your attachment to a fixed outcome in order to be empowered and truly heal. Healing does not follow a fixed blueprint, and sometimes, things may feel worse before they improve.


Healing is a lifestyle, and requires a daily commitment to eat right, move right, rest right and play right. I help you discover what is "right" for you. It's up to you to do the rest.

My wisdom comes from personal experience-- healing, myself as best as I can, given my structural limitations; and from over 23 years helping others with mind, body and NRG practices through my professional life as a yoga and meditation teacher, and a birth doula coach.

My journey began on my 14th birthday when I was hit by a Suburban traveling over 45mph while walking through a crosswalk. The fact that I survived is a "miracle," thanks to Western medicine. The fact that I have thrived is proof that our bodies can heal, in spite of Western medicine's absolutist predictions.

I am grateful, above all, for my connection to God/Source Consciousness/The Great Spirit, from which I receive my intuition, my guidance, and the spark of Life within me. I encourage everyone to connect to that space inside of you that is Infinite, be it via your religion or personal practice. Through your connection to Source will you find your answers. 

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If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.

Nikola Tesla

NRG Sessions


NRG Sovereignty

This treatment combines NRG Movement + NRG Cleanse and is my most powerful and effective treatment modality. I fuse together guided meditation, visualization, breathwork, and movement therapy with inner NRG cleansing.

Movement therapy and breath awareness aid in reducing stress, increasing our connection to our center and stimulating the healing process. NRG cleanse and meditation help release trauma and connect us more deeply with our sovereign self, nurturing the healing process.

Releasing trauma is crucial for healing and inner growth. We carry trauma from experiences that went "out of control," such as an accident, a traumatic birth, or an infringement on our bodily and/or emotional sovereignty, the latter often executed in the form of abuse. 


75 min long. Available in-person or virtually.

NRG Movement Therapy

NRG Movement Therapy focuses on the physical aspects of energy healing, using the most powerful modalities I have found to help shift energy and create a vibrant, healthy body: Yoga and Qi Gong.


Each session begins with a body scan and grounding meditation: these provide me the tools as to which type of breath awareness exercise and movement pattern(s) are right for you. 

My yoga template includes stretches, strengthening postrues, spinal flexion and extension, and some sort of rhythmic movement pattern. Everything I do incorporates core awareness  because moving from the center is essential to shifting stuck energy and old patterns. Though the movement sequence focuses on Yoga and Qi Gong, I may occasionally infuse physical therapy drills  to help with an injury.

Options to up-level or down-level are provided, dependent on your physical needs. I work with all types of bodies: I've helped
elderly patients confined to a chair or bed, and professional athletes.

We may end our session with a secondary breath awareness exercise or a guided meditation, per your needs and interests.  

45 min long.

Available in-person or virtually.

NRG Cleanse

Healing modalities combined with guided meditation to help cleanse and clear your subtle field, or wisdom body, something I term your NRG channels. Like everything in life, our energy fields need cleansing. When your car window is dusty and spotted, it's difficult to drive. Same with your energy field: when it's cluttered with other people's gunk, stress, and old traumas, it's difficult to steer yourself in the right direction, because things appear  clouded.


NRG cleanse always begins with a grounding meditation and/or breath awareness and includes minimal to no physical movement therapy.  

My NRG techniques are influenced by 25 years of study and may include the Shamanic tradition of connecting to the Upper-Middle-Lower worlds, the astral-tradition of connecting to your Higher Self via your Central Sun/Central Channel, or an epigenetic model of guided meditation that visualizes health and vitality infused into the DNA and cells of the body so as to regulate optimal gene expression. Your personal NRG cleanse is infused into this process. You will leave with specific tools you can use to continue cleansing and strengthening your NRG field and frequency.

45 min long. Available in person or virtually.

Polarities are not opposites. They are complementary ends of a single vibrational continuum.

Law of One

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